Monday, May 31, 2021

Mercedes GLC250CDI EDC17CP57 10SW046751 6519034857

 Firmware for Mercedes GL C250CDI car,

engine: 2.2 CDI diesel,

control unit: Bosch EDC17CP57,

software version: 1037524978 10SW046751 6519034857,

in the firmware, the AdBlue system is disabled (remove the connector from the AdBlue control unit), the DPF particulate filter (it is advisable to do the procedure for replacing the particulate filter before programming, after the firmware, you can remove the connectors from the dif sensor and temperature sensors before and after the particulate filter), the EGR valve (you can remove the connector from the EGR valve) and chip tuning is made with an increase in power and torque by 15%. App drain.

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