Monday, May 24, 2021

VW Caddy 1.6i BSE Simos7.1 06A906033HS 1294 71HS1294S7102700 S713227000000

 Firmware for VW Caddy Car,

engine: 1.6 I petrol, BSE,

control unit: Simens Simos 7.1,

software version: 06A906033HS 1294 71HS1294S7102700 S713227000000,

in the firmware, the catalyst is disabled (Euro 2), the SAP catalyst purge (Remove the connector from the SAP pump), the EGR valve and the chip tuning is made with an increase in power and torque. You can remove the connector from the lower oxygen sensor. Firmware in full flash format. The drain is attached. The checksum has been recalculated.

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