Friday, April 16, 2021

BMW 520D F10 2.0D EDC17C41 N47D20O1-F10_ECE O_7DPB-00000500-002

 Firmware for BMW 520D car body F10,

engine: 2.0 diesel,

Control unit: Bosch EDC17C41,

Software version: N47D20O1-F10_EXE O_7DB-00000500-002,

In the firmware, the DPF particulate filter, the EGR valve, the VDO vortex flap, the LSU lambda probe are disabled and chip tuning is made with an increase in power and torque by 20%. REMOVE the connector from the VSA flap actuator! You can remove the connectors from the sensors of the particulate filter and the EGR valve. App drain.

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