Thursday, April 15, 2021

Citroen Space Tourer 2.0BlueHDI DCM6.2 9693488980 1MPSAAPP_E251D11_180918_5O4K_PIR8B_4ASO7

 Firmware for Citroen Space Tourer car,

engine: 2.0 Blue HDI diesel,

Control unit: Delphi DCM6. 2,

Software version: 9693488980 1MPSAAPP_E251D11_180918_5O4K_PIR8B_4ASO7,

in the firmware, the AdBlue urea injection system, the FAP particulate filter, and the EGR valve are disabled. Remove the connector from the AdBlue pump, you can remove the connectors from the particulate filter sensors and the EGR valve. Before programming with our firmware, use the diagnostic scanner to reset the soot filter and ADBU fill counters in the special functions. App drain.

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